Fourth-Year Curriculum

Pleading and Practice: an overview of lawyering skills that emphasizes the day-to-day practical skills required to integrate facts and the law, present coherent and cogent legal arguments, and plan appropriate courses of action.  
Professional Responsibility: the history and organization of the legal profession, ethical rules, and philosophy that govern law practice.
Professional Writing: legal and practical application of the principles of a civil complaint, answering a complaint and other pleadings as a follow up to the study of Civil Procedure. A class exercise requires each student to draw up a pleading paper.
PCU Fourth Year

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PCU Fourth Year
Trial Techniques and Advocacy: utilizing a moot court, students participate in a review of preliminary motions, preparation for trial, selection and jury voir dire, examination of witnesses, and trial procedures.
Remedies: legal and equitable remedies under statutes and the common law are examined and compared. The course objective is to enable the student to identify all available remedies and choose the preferred remedy from among them. The principal subjects covered are equity, restitution, and damages. 
Criminal Procedure: an overview of Constitutional Law related to criminal procedures and enforcement.

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