First Year Law Program for Success
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Educational Program

Academic Support

Technology Workshop 

Examsoft Essay and MBE Simulator exam-taking workshop.
A one-on-one session covering the usage of Examsoft technology. Training on the exam-taking process from start to finish. This workshop will assist students with test-taking technical support, for more effective exam-taking skills.


PCU First Year

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PCU First Year

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First-Year Curriculum

CONTRACTS (12 quarter units): Formation, performance, and discharge of contracts; the Statute of Frauds, third party beneficiary contracts, assignment of rights, delegation of duties, and illegal contracts.

CRIMINAL LAW (8 quarter units): Nature and elements of crime, specific crimes, defenses, and procedures.

FUNDAMENTALS OF LEGAL WRITING, RESEARCH AND REVIEW FOR THE FIRST YEAR LAW STUDENT EXAM FYLSE (4 quarter units): An overview of legal information sources, legal citation, and legal research methodologies, including internet-based
legal research intended for first-year students. Building upon this researching knowledge, students will receive instruction in writing legal documents appropriate for 1L students. In addition, students will practice legal writing and MBE multi-state questions for the FYLSE.

TORTS (12 quarter units): Civil liability for intentional and negligent injuries to persons and property, including assault, battery, false imprisonment, defamation, fraud, deceit, and other wrongs.

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