By signing this Application and Agreement below, I acknowledge that this Agreement is between Pacific Coast University, School of Law (“PCU”) and me, individually. I authorize Pacific Coast University, School of Law, to charge my credit card account beginning on the first day of each month (and if necessary, credit my account to correct erroneous charges), as outlined in the Payment Plan Schedule set forth below.

By choosing to participate in the Automatic Payment Plan through Pacific Coast University, School of Law, I understand:

  1. I have authorized PCU to debit my bank account or charge my credit card beginning on the first day of each month.
  1. Payments are due on the first day of each month; there will be a $35 fee for each dishonored auto-debit transaction. If a payment is received after the due date, a late fee of $35 may be assessed.
  1. I understand it is my responsibility to inform the Accounting Department if my credit or debit account has been closed.
  1. If I have two consecutive dishonored payments, this is grounds for administrative dismissal from PCU. Students subject to dismissal will be notified via certified mail at the last address provided to the school and via email.
  1. Students who become delinquent in their payments are not eligible to register for classes or take examinations. In the event of such a delinquency in payment, an email will be sent before a scheduled midterm and/or final examination advising you that you will not be allowed to take the exam until all amounts are paid or your outstanding balance is brought current.
  1. If I fail to pay my tuition:
    1. I may be dropped from the program, effective immediately;
    2. My account will be placed in default;
    3. Collection proceedings for the remaining balance will begin;
    4. I may not be permitted to enroll in a payment plan in the future; and
    5. I may be precluded from returning to PCU in the future.
  1. PCU is not required, nor does it intend, to email payment reminders.
  1. This is an interest-free program.
  1. In the event a student withdraws from PCU following registration but prior to the commencement of classes, she or he will be entitled to a full refund of any and all tuition amounts and fees paid, less the Non-Refundable Seat Deposit of $250. If, however, a student withdraws from PCU after the commencement of classes and prior to the conclusion of the first three (3) full weeks of classes in the fall semester — and if tuition has been paid in full — a refund will be given for the spring semester only (and not for any portion of the fall semester). In the event a student withdraws after conclusion of the first three (3) full weeks of classes, no refund will be given — and in the event any portion of the tuition amount or fees for the 2021-2022 academic year remains unpaid at that time, all such amounts are due and payable immediately upon withdrawal from PCU.
  1. It is my responsibility to update my records at PCU should there be any change in my mailing address, email address or other information.
  1. I have the right to cancel my Automatic Payment Plan enrollment at any time and pay my tuition in full. If I choose to cancel my Automatic Payment Plan enrollment, I will provide a written statement of my intent to cancel.  This cancellation must be received by PCU not later than 30 days in advance of my next scheduled monthly payment.  This notice must be emailed to or hand delivered to PCU’s officers.                                                                                                            
  1. If and when a student applies to the State Bar of California for a determination of her or his moral character for purposes of admission to practice law in California, PCU will be required to disclose any and all issues concerning delinquent financial obligations to PCU, unpaid balances, and histories of difficulty remaining current on payments.
  1. I understand and agree that any failure on PCU’s part to insist upon or enforce any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver on PCU’s part of any of those terms and conditions or of any other terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

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